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. The maker of the artwork is a lazy piece of shit and thus the requested artwork may or may not take a million years to be done. By signing this contract I agree to wait patiently and not ask constantly whether they are, in fact, even working on the artwork or not.
2. I agree that the artist is given freedom to make the requested porn in whatever format they wish, this including shitty stick figures.
3. I, the requester, will not complain or criticize the artist's vision in any way.
4. I hereby give the artist permission to decline from doing the artwork requested if the said artwork includes a shitty shipping (in her opinion), something absolutely disgusting and unhealthy or if the request just happens to bore the living shit out of the artist.
5. I grant the artist permission to change my will at any given point in my life so that all my belongings will belong to them once I die.
6. I agree to the fact that the artist, L-Storyteller, is a godly deity and will treat and praise them as such.
7. I agree to making an annual blood sacrifice on the first day of every month for the rest of my life to the God that is L-Storyteller.
8. I will not use the name of L-Storyteller, our Lord and Savior, in vain.
9. I grant the artist permission to interpret the shipping/character requested however they want, this meaning that they can change anything they want about the shipping/character and make it whatever they want. This including making the shipping a completely different shipping or making artwork of their own characters instead of what I first requested.
10. I will not complain about the changes mentioned above.
11. I will not follow anyone else on deviantArt except for L-Storyteller, our Lord and Savior.
12. For the rest of my life all my artwork will be dedicated to be of the OCs of L-Storyteller alone.
13. April Fool's, bitches.

[ ] I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract and will not question them in any way.

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There's An Open Seat
There's An Open Seat by WhispersBetteNoir
This is a full body, full color, with background.


WhispersBetteNoir's Profile Picture
lol, Nope
United States
I came here to post art, look at art, and to reach out my little grape viney arms to possibly connect to other people.
I have a legion of characters, and three main stories I'm working on, my favorite of which involving the lovable antics of a drag queen who saves a naked blue-haired shape-shifting girl who falls off the top of his art gallery.
I'm seemingly incapable of writing anything below a PG rating, as I always seem to squeeze in naked people or man-eating beasties or both in my stories. At least those are my favorite to write.
But, you'll mostly be seeing my art, which is fairly mild. However, I do have this rule where I draw every character I have nude. Not all at once mind you, but it's just a thing.
I seem to be obsessed with naked people.

I'm a meme whore, and I love these stupid little plz buttons :iconimhighplz: I also love using new vocabulary words just because I can. So if I've used a weird word in a message to you, that's why.

I'm a feminist, I'm pro gay-rights, and I advocate both medicinal and recreational marijuana

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